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Earthing metal components

  1. Apr 16, 2012 #1
    I am looking at a building with a car park in Sydney. Electrical circuits are run on perforated cable trays at high level.

    I understand that the trays require earthing, however, I'm trying to determine the extent.

    The trays are made from galvanized sheet and come in 3 meter lengths and are butted to each other. Two short straps (around 100mm long), one on each side, are used to join the lengths together. 10mm bolts and nuts are used for the connection.

    Should the trays be individually earthed or only one at each run end or some thing in between? I have been told by one contractor that one earth per tray is adequate. I've been told by an electrical engineer that each 3m length of tray should be individually earthed.

    Advice please ..

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