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Homework Help: Easy Algebra problem(s)

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    EDIT: Problem Solved, please delete.
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    How do you determine cost? Total cost is the sum of the individual item costs. You will have two linear equations and two unknown numbers. Your variables are the price of the shirt and the price of the tie.
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    Make two equations. Let X be the cost of a shirt, and Y be the price of a tie, or use whatever variables you want. You have enough information to write two equations keeping your two prices as two variables.

    Below are the important sentences you turn into equations.

    6 shirts and 3 ties cost $79.50
    3 shirts and 2 ties cost $41
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    Wouldn't that turn into a graph though? There's three answers to choose from.

    A.) $10.00
    B.) $11.00
    C.) $12.00

    So I did the math and I got 6x+3y=79.50 and 3x+2y =41. Then I got 3x+y=38.50, and I don't know how to go from there since there are two variables.
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    Okay this is what I got. Each shirt costs 12 dollars and plugged it in and it seemed to work. 3shirts + 2 ties = 41, so 3x12 + 2x2.50 = 41, 36+5= 41.

    So is $12.00 right?
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    6x + 3y=79.5
    3x + 2y=41

    Now, I mulitply the second equation by (-2), so that I got:


    Out of there:
    One tie costs ($):
    One shirt costs($):
    6x + 3*2.5=79.5
    6x = 72

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    The initial posting was altered; post #1 was changed and the original message is gone in that posting (except for a quote from the original).
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