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Easy Drawing Soft

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    I am looking for a single free software to draw easy schematic pictures, such as those for setting up physics problems and so on. You'd be able to draw arrows, lines, a bit of text, easy geometrical forms and so.

    I have heard about XFig, but it is needed Linux or Unix I don't remember. I tried some time ago to install it from a web page somebody gave me just here, but I wasn't able.

    Do you have some suggestion?

    Please, if possible I want it to be running under WinXP.

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    You could try Drawplus 4
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    I've been looking for something similar. In the meantime, try the standard Paint drawing tool built into Windows, with a little imagination it can be a little more versatile than most people think it could be.
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    schematic pictures -> vector graphics -> NOT paint.
    xfig is properly superior to other free programs, I once installed it under XP by following the guide here: http://www.cs.usask.ca/grads/wew036/latex/xfig.html [Broken]

    You might also be able to use Equation Illustrator:
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    Thanks everyone. I've downloaded Inkscape. If it doesn't fit to my need, I will try with some other you posted.
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