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Easy math problem

  1. Apr 15, 2013 #1
    So if

    Equation: X=Xo*[e^(ln^2)/Td] * T


    X = 5e12
    Td = 15
    T= 672

    And the answer is Xo=17

    My question: is how do I evaluate (ln^2) ??
    Usually when I use the ln function to calculate something its like ln(5/2)^2 or something like that but here its just ln^2

    what does this mean? How do you get 17 for Xo
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    Wait ##\ln ^2##? That's not defined. Maybe it should be just ln(2)
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    I used ln(2) but that did not give me an answer of 17
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    Nvm I got. Thanks
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    I think it would have funny if you had posted some unproven conjecture and then moments later posted "nvm, got it."

    Just a thought..
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