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(Easy) Maths Challenge

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    Prove that:

    [tex]F_{n} = \frac {\varphi^n - (1-\varphi)^n}{\sqrt5}[/tex]

    holds true for any number in the Fibonacci Sequence.

    Who can answer the fastest?
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    Char. Limit

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    Hmm... well, defining phi as (1+sqrt(5))/2, this means that the second term there is equal to -(phi+1), or -1/phi.

    So... for odd n, the denominator reduces to phi^n+phi^-n. Multiplying top and bottom by phi^n gives us phi^2n+1 in the numerator and sqrt(5)*phi^n in the denominator. Splitting the fraction gives us (phi^n)/sqrt(5) + 1/(sqrt(5)*phi^n). Beyond there... I don't know.
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    Since by definition
    and we also get
    That's all you need.
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