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Homework Help: Easy physics problem, need help finding forumula

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    I have included a picture.

    What is the force on each wire if B = 1.656T, i = 10A, L1 = 7cm and L2 = 14cm?

    Now, I have checked my physics book, and the equation I have found is
    F_12 = mu_0*L*I1*I2/(2*pi*D)

    where D is the distance between the two wires, and L is the length of one wire.

    However, I tried that formula in the computer, and it doesn't work. I let L =L2 (m), D=L1 (m), I have tried I1=10 and I2=+/- 10...but it didn't work.

    I'm thinking there is another round about way to do this, but I don't know what. CAn someone lend me a hand?

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    Ok, the formula is right, you got all the information right under your nose. You're just interpreting wrong.

    We know that the wires, lets denote them A and B, are going to have equal and opposite forces.

    The equation is F_BA = I_B*L X(cross) B

    F_BA = I_B*L * mu_0*I_A/(2*pi*D)
    Ok, well, your B is already given to you, which you can substitute for the mu_0*I_A/(2*pi*D).

    Let I_B = current, and your L = L2 and that should do the trick.

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    Did you include the external magnetic field?
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