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Easy probability question help?

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    Easy probability question help??

    917 983 1046 944 723 783 813 1057 766 836 992 973

    Above are the trading volumes (millions of shares) for stocks traded on the NYSE during a certain period.
    Assume that the probability distribution of the trading volumes is approximately normal.

    2.2 What is the probability that on a particular day the trading volume will be less than 800 million shares?

    2.3 What is the probability that on a particular day the trading volume will exceed 1 billion shares?

    2.4 If the exchange wants to issue a press release on the top 5% of trading days, what volume will trigger a press release??

    This is not homework i am trying to explain this to my brother and don't know how too, answers with working out would be required.
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    Re: Easy probability question help??

    With the context you gave, this just seems like an issue with the sampling distribution

    of the mean, which follows from the central limit theorem. Look up those terms and let

    us know of any followup question. The sampling distribution is just that; a distribution

    which allows us to determine the probabilities of events.
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