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Homework Help: Easy problem , not for me though

  1. Jun 30, 2009 #1
    If I have a sphere and that has radius r and electric charge density of x
    Then outside the sphere , in void (permittivity=[tex]\epsilon 0[/tex]) , a point A which is at r+a distance from the sphere's center . What is the charge at point A ?

    Ok i tried this at exam in a way with Gauss law,but it seems it was no good ... so I'm curious how is made
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    Gauss's Law works, how did you attempt it? [tex]\int E \cdot dA = \frac{Q_{enc}}{\epsilon_0}[/tex]

    what type of charge density is it? linear, area or volumetric... either case you need to convert the enclosed charge term to its density form.
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    This question is nonsensical (or trivial if all of the charge is described by the problem statement).
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    I'm curious, which physics is this?
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    I suppose the question is actually asking for electric field strength?
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