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Homework Help: Easy problem that i dont understand

  1. Jan 16, 2005 #1
    At t = 0, a transverse wave pulse in a wire is described by the following function where x and y are in meters.


    Write the function y(x, t) that describes this wave if it is traveling in the positive x direction with a speed of 2.50 m/s.

    all i know that in the positive x direction f(x-vt) is the wavelength...but how is this relevant to this question?

    i have no idea how to solve this
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    You know wrong: f(x-tv) is not the wavelength. A wave travelling in the positive x direction is represented by a function f(x-vt).

    Your y(x) function is the same as this f(x,t) at t=0.

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    You have all the elements of the answer.
    A wave traveling to the right at a speed v is obtained from the shape of the wave at t=0 by replacing x by x-vt. So simply replace x by (x-2.50 t) in your function and you get the function at any time. That's all.

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    thanks answer is right
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