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Easy proof

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    Please help me prove that it doesn't exist any other intersect point than P(x0, x0^2) on the y=2^2 curve, for the tangent line in the very same point.

    My work:
    = 2x0(x-x0)+x0^2
    = 2x0x-2x0^2 + x0^2
    = 2x0x - x0^2
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    You mean to prove the uniqueness of the tangent to a parabola in one certain (albeit arbitrary) point...?That's trivial.The slope is the same (unique) and they all pass through the same point (namely,the tangence point),therefore,all tangents coincide.

    Unless,you meant something else...

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    Hey, isn't the slope the same in two points (symmetry over the y-axis.) ?

    Edit: Ohh, my no. It's mirrored...
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    Yes,it picks up the minus (due to the cosine,which is negative,once you enter [itex] (\pi/2,\pi) [/itex])...

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    in general a line can only intersect a parabola twice at most and tangent intersections count as 2. done.

    i.e. when you substiotute the parametrization for the loine into the poarabola equation you get a quadratic which can have only 2 roots, and tangents are exactly those points where the root is a double root.
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