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EASY Q (Multiplying sign rules)

  1. Jul 25, 2005 #1

    I've tottally confused myself over the mutiplying rules.
    Can someone please tell me all the rules

    +x+ =
    -X+ =
    +X- =
    -X- =

    Because im stupid and keep messing up my polynomials with them.

    look forward to posting many easy questions for you guys, Dam some of this stuff is complicated you guys are good.

    Thanks in advanced,
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    +x+ = +
    -X+ = -
    +X- = -
    -X- = +

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    Same signs= positive,

    Different signs= negative:

    +x+= +
    -x- = +
    +x- = -
    -x+ = -
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    thanks guys, Knew it was easy :) Helped me though, Even if it was easy.

    Appreciate the fast reponse.
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    I am sorry , but is it really necessary to give the exact same answer that has already been given ? :rolleyes:

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    matt grime

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    making another unnecessry post here but have you checked the times of your response and hallsofivy's? cos it is more than entirely possible he didn't even notice yours.
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