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Easy question for you guys

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    Need help for a friend...Easy

    I took physics last year at HS. and my buddy is asking me for help and I cant remember any of this. Here is what I know

    What is the value for volume for a pressure of 500 torr?
    y= volume 160
    k= constant
    x= pressure 500


    what is k the constant ?
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    Are you given that the volume is 160 (units?) and need k? In that case solve for k by multiplying by x on both sides to get k=yx. Above the equations you ask what the volume is, which confuses me a little. If you do not know k, you can't find the volume, since k will depend on the temperature.
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    Are you talking about PV=nRT? (P=pressure, V=volume, n=# of moles, R=universal gas constant, T=temp.)
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    So the idea is there will be some function relating pressure, volume, temperature (absolute), and number of entities. The ideal gas approximation is often used in simple problems and asserts that
    n=number of entities
    T=temperature (absolute)
    this also means that
    so one variable can be found if all others are known, or known to not change.
    For your question more information is needed.
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