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Easy question

  1. Mar 5, 2006 #1
    Suppose we had a perfectly spherical satellite that is assumed to behave like a blackbody and orbits earth. FOr all purposes the earth, sun adn satellite are assumed to be black bodies. Suppose that it were desirable to keep the temperature of the satellite as uniform as possible throughout its orbit. How might the surfafce ocating of the satellite b desgined to accomplish this? WOuld it be easier to reduce the max temperature, or to raise the minimum temperature? Explain

    If we make it less emissive then it will absorb too much heat.

    If we make it more emissive then it wont absord much heat. SO then the temperature remains low for the most part. So the solutino would be soemthing that is very reflective of the visible spectrum and emits infrared radiation mostly.
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