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Easy way to copy files?

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    Easy way to copy files??

    Hey guys

    Is there an easy way to copy files in the method I'll mention in WinXP?

    I have a folder, C:\MP3s that is arranged as:


    I keep a copy of this folder on my LAN, on F:\MP3s .. The problem is, say I add a few new songs in different albums, and I want to copy them over to the F:\MP3s, I can't find an easy way to do it.

    If I just copy it over, my only option is to overwrite everything, which is *slow*. If I pick for it to not overwrite (and hit Shift-N to answer No to all), then it won't copy over anything because it treats the directories as files. I mean, say I have four songs currently in C:\MP3s\Beatles\Abbey Road\ (like I wouldn't have the whole album!), and I add a few more songs. If I try to copy the folder over from C:\MP3s, and I don't click on "Overwrite All", it won't copy the new songs from \Mp3s\Beatles\Abbey Road\ because it sees that I already have a Abbey Road folder, and doesn't check the files in it.

    Is there a copy utility to "Synchronize" two network directories? Or to copy files that don't exist (and it does subdirectories, etc?) I played around with XCopy, but I couldn't find a set of command line arguments that suited me.

    Any ideas? I appreciate it, and thank you.
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    Total Commander has a very nice synchronize function
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    Is TC free? :)
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    why not just map the mp3 folder on the c drive as a network drive?
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