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Easy way to grasp ideas

  1. Jul 30, 2015 #1
    Hai everyone,
    I am from india. I am doing my 2nd year (ECE). My department subjects are too tough to study. And i had no idea about Electronics circuit-1, signals & system. These two subjects are like zombies. Those two subjects is full of equations.Can anyone tell me any easy way to understand these subjects???
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    Learn to think in math. Then a formula becomes an idea, not a problem. Learn to instantly visualize any simple equation to feel the relation it expresses, rather than having to deliberately figure it out.

    If you need to translate simple math, like converting a currency, simple math all over the place becomes a hassle.
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    Thank you. yup math occupies everything.
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    I had a similar issue if the first circuit courses.
    I couldn't get my mind to "see" what was going on. I found http://www.falstad.com/circuit/ very helpful. Its just an online circuit simulator. When working on questions I'd quite often build the circuit in there so I could get a conceptual idea of how the circuit was operating, then proceeded to do the maths.

    Don't rely on it for getting answers, we knew a few people who ended up flunking circuits courses as he would just build the circuit and pull the answers from there for assignments/labs. He did well on the assignments but bassically got 0's on the exams
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    Thank you sir.This will surely help me to get rid of fear of that subjects.
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    cpsc has hit the nail on the head.

    For some, studying the maths without a conceptual understanding, can make things a whole lot harder.

    I know some people here think that understanding the maths is most important to understanding the concept. I don't.

    If recommend an excellent free circuit simulator called QUCS.

    You can build the circuit that you have the problem with, and measure voltages and currents around the circuit. You can change values of components and see what effect this has on voltages and currents. I think this gives a good basis to have an intuitive feel for what is going on.

    It also helps with the maths, because QUCS has an excellent equation editor that allows you extract data from the circuit and input it into equations.

    It saves a lot of time, because many students struggle and get the wrong answer (which means they have used the wrong process). Working backwards from a correct answer to understand the maths makes a lot more sense to me.

    Its a bit like building the circuit for real and measuring the current - you know what the current is, now work out why.

    I think that is better, for learning, than starting with a blank sheet of paper and a formula sheet.
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    Really i want to thank you.I accept your words"For some, studing the maths without a conceptual understanding, can make things a whole lot harder." :smile:
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