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News Easy ways to Stop Iran.

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    Iran Nuke bomb, biological warfare this is what every one afraid off but it is easy to prevent it or delay it for few years.
    All know that Iran isn’t advanced in physics its main advance is in engineering and chemistry and there scientist are having a very low income 95% of them are trying or tried to go outside Iran but they don’t find jobs outside or they never be able to get out of Iran due to there financial situation so Iran have an opportunity now to develop an chemical weapons with chip price. Because they give the scientist next to nothing
    And now Iran is trying to have (in the same ways) a major nuclear technology but she don’t have scientist in the field physics so she in this few years start to make a good relationships with countries that have a good physics scientist with law salary .
    One of these counties is Syria.
    In Iran they have BS in science like every place else. But in Syria they have BS In theoretical physics. So next year every one of this 80 Syrian student will face three choices 1 to be a low income teacher .2 to try to go to go outside Syria (Europe, US, Japan, china,…) to study for MA in solid state physics or nuclear physics and hop to find a job (any job) there and stay there, 3 go to Iran and work for few years in their nuclear Program. For some money
    So my suggestion is to try to take as many as we can or in other word try to empty Syria from physicist as many as we can .I mean take them all every one who wants to study outside Syria in countries outside Syria, we try to give them facilities,
    Fanatical help as many as we can even if it will mean to make them study for free
    And then give them work in that country and after the Iran Business is finished then we can send them back to there country except the ones that we like. (Especially Christian, Kurdish, Shia (h), and these ones we have to live them out side Syria if they want that).
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    And, breathe...

    Who is we?
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