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Eat more chili to live longer

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    It is interesting that the chili eaters had behaviors that are not considered conducive to good health, smoking , alcohol, meat and had lower HDL. However they tended to be younger which might have biased the study since younger people are expected to live longer than old people.
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    Having more chill also makes you live longer.
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    It is chili peppers not chili that was studied. Also Mexican Americans composed 58% of the chili consumers versus 17% for the non consumers. I didn't see any attempt to address this difference in the two populations that where studied.
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    That's good news for me. :smile:

    I buy my Tabasco sauce in bulk. (Not to mention the Sriracha and Valentina's). I go through a lot of hot sauce.
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    For more bang for your buck seek out sauces with scotch bonnet peppers (Caribbean) or ghost peppers(India) Ghost peppers are reportedly 400 time hotter than regular chili's.
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    My daughter makes chili with ghost chilies:biggrin: any thing else is tastless
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    I'll bet.
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