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Eating Healthily

  1. Aug 25, 2005 #1
    Just lately I've begun to worry about what I eat. I'm in shape and stuff, probably because I'm 16, but I feel like I should make use of what we know today about vitamins etc. I think I eat pretty unhealthily...

    All last year, on school days, I ate:

    No breakfast
    Lunch: spicy chicken sandwich with fries
    Snack: ate like a beast here: bread, snacks, etc.
    Dinner: very little... some carbs usually.

    My standard summer/non-school day is:

    Breakfast: Lots of coffee, bread or cereal.
    Lunch: Bread, usually.
    Snack: Bread.
    Dinner: Lots of carbs, not much meat, not many vegetables.

    I very rarely eat fruit and vegetables. I drink Coffee and Water and that's it. It is rare that we have snacks or junk food, but if we ever do, they are all I eat until they're gone.

    This is unhealthy right? I have a feeling I'm probably missing calcium, vitamins, minerals, etc. What do you guys eat, and what do you suggest I do?
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    I eat a vegan diet.

    Breakfast: Apple, then I finished off a bag of corn chips with flax seed

    Lunch: pasta, tomato marinara with broccoli and portobello mushrooms. :tongue2:

    Dinner: nothing yet I am not hungry
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    Are you allowed to eat eggs or is any kind of animal protein off limits?
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    Vegan means you don't drink milk too, right? So I doubt he'd eat eggs. I meant general diet :0 not like just today.

    Recently my mom's been out of town. My dad and I couldn't cook a meal for life or death so we've been eating out much.
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    I just finished-off a bag of Doritos (cool ranch) by pouring the remaining crumbs into my mouth...

    I'd probably throw some milk and meat into there, but most weight/fitness problems for kids are caused by a sedentary lifestyle. So if you work out, I wouldn't worry about it too much.
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    You eat relatively healthy compared to some people - if that makes you feel better, lol. I eat unhealthier than you do, and I am vegetarian.

    Vegan, btw, is a lifestyle that abstains from eating all animal products. Honey, milk, eggs - not consumed.
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    HiPPie, it seems your really lacking on the protein aspects of a well rounded diet. High carbs turn into sugars and you can get a lot of mood/body crashes during the day. Try snacking on roasted peanuts or soy nuts mid day, add some cheese to your bread, or get some protein powder, and add it to a glass of juice.
    If you were my kid I would force feed you multi vitamins with minerals, more so because you don't eat your veggies and fruites. :grumpy:
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    Yeah so basically, hypatia, it seems I'm really lacking protein aspect and vitamins and minerals and veggies and fruit? :)
    I guess I'll just try to eat more of other stuff? It's just so much harder than bread.
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    Bread/fruit during the day, vegetables and protein in the evening should not be hard to do.
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    You can add meat and cheese to your bread. :biggrin: Buy some pre-sliced meat & cheese (there are many varieties).

    The grocery store I shop at has pre-made sandwiches, you can also buy pre-cut fruit and veggies. All you have to do is bite and chew, pretty simple, not even any dishes to wash afterward. This way you can eat a balanced diet without any effort.
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    Those pre-made sandwiches will cost a lot of money though :)
  13. Aug 26, 2005 #12
    I am allowed to eat anything. I choose to eat only plants. After 40 odd years of eating animals and there various protiens I am happier and healthier with a vegan diet. :smile:
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