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Eating meat

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    If I eat meat my body is made from dead things.
    So is my body a graveyard?
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    If this is a argument against eating meat it is pretty weak..
    If you eat relativly anything that was once growing and now is not, you are eating something that is dead or dying. In that sence you are a graveyard no matter if you eat meat or plants...
    (please excuse my ignorance of biological systems I am a physics/math major)
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    Do you just stop at eating meat as eating what was once a living thing or do we go as far as to consider plants living things as well? Just a thought :wink:
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    And don't forget, plants eat meat as well. Going back further, you are among the debris of a star that went supernova some 10 billion years ago.
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    But are we made from dead stuff? Are we dead ourselves? I suppose this comes down to what the definitions of life and death are.
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    Dear Rothiemurchus:

    You must remember that when something "dies" death does ot consume it, life consumes it. To make the statement that by eating dead meat we are eating "dead stuff" really means that we are made of "living stuff" that consumes "dead stuff".

    Therefore if your statement is correct we are really just consuming life. Therefore we ourselves can not be dead.
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