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Ebook has messed up page sizes

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    I have an ebook with some pages are normal size, and some pages are small. I'll be reading a page, scroll down, and I'll see like 4 pages in a row that are like 1/6th the size of the one I'm reading, then I scroll down some more and I'll see the next pages normal size, and so on. Is there any way to fix this? It's extremely annoying having to zoom in 6 times on the small pages, and then zoom back out for the normal size pages every time I cross one of those pages that are tiny.
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    From what I know it depends on the ebook (device) and ebook format (mobi? pdf?), so you will not get any general answer.
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    This is the same behavior with pdfs made from photo albums scrolling through landscape and portrait photos. The best you can do is set your prefs to do page at a time.

    You might be able to get a tool to break up the pdf into individual pages then resize the small ones to the same size as the larger ones and then recombine them as a single pdf.

    Image Majik tools could help to do some of the work:


    and/or these tools:


    Image-majik convert command can resize photos:


    And here's someone with a similar problem who used imagemajik to fix the problem:

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    Thanks a lot. Setting it to page at a time is the best bet for me, I think, because the book has over 1300 pages. Resizing about half of those would be extremely tedius.
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