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Ecceleration help

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    I am working on a project of my own and need a little help. I am writing a program in Visual Basic that involves some precise calculations of Acceleration. I have looked over quite a bit of information and examples on the web and I am more confused now than when I started. I am sure you all have been here at one point or another.

    Basically I need to

    1: Find the Time it takes to accelerate at a specified rate to a specified velocity from specified velocity.

    2: Find the distance it takes to accelerate at a specified rate from a specified velocity to specified velocity

    Below is what I have been playing around with in VB. I think I have confused my self.

    'in inches per second/second
    Dim MaxAcceleration As Double = 200

    'in seconds
    Dim MaxAcceltime As Double

    'in inches
    Dim MaxAcceldistance As Double

    'inches per second/second
    Dim MaxVelocity As Double = 6000
    Dim SetVelocity As Double = 20
    Dim IntVelocity As Double = 0
    Dim AverageVelocity As Double

    ' The time it takes to go from 0 to Max Velocity in seconds
    'Max Acceleration time
    MaxAcceltime = ((MaxVelocity - IntVelocity) / MaxAcceleration)

    ' I get 30.0

    ' The Average Velocity
    AverageVelocity = ((IntVelocity + MaxVelocity) / 2)

    'I get 3000.0

    'The distance required to go from 0 to Max Velocity
    'MaxAccel Distance in inches
    MaxAcceldistance = (AverageVelocity * MaxAcceltime)

    ' I get 90000.0
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    Nice work, bsharp. Your equations and answers are correct.
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    Looks good...

    But you might want to edit the comment line on your velocity variables...

    units should be inches per second.
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    Thank you for the reply's. Some times thinking your incorrect and actually being correct is just as bad as thinking your correct and being incorrect. Although I guess it saves on finding out later on.
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