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ECE(communication) or CSE

  1. Jun 28, 2012 #1
    ECE(communication) or CSE !!

    I have currently given entrance exams for b.tech engg. & now my results are out.It seems I can opt for Electronics & communication engg. or CSE.

    I love electronics and know it is taught in both ECE and CSE. But I cannot decide which to choose.

    After my b.tech I want to engage in research after some more degrees(I guess! Help ME here too!!).Eventually My dream is to get a PHD. in Physics or something related to it.

    Which among ECE/CSE is best suited for my tastes?
    I am just a 10+2 pass out and have no experience in this things.

    Please explain thoroughly.
    Thank you for your time and generosity.
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