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ECE or M.E?

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    As the title states, I plan to apply to Uwaterloo , UofT and Mcmaster as a backup for engineering. I am kinda confused about whether I should apply to ECE as first priortiy and mechanical as second to Uwaterloo, and for other universities whether i may apply to ece or to mecha... What's pulling me towards ECE is the fact that it has a lot of jobs , a decent pay, and basically has physics and math which im looking for. Moreover it doesn't require much design as mecha does , and im not really a designing type of person.
    What's pulling me towards mechanical is that it involves machinery and cars and i personally prefer classical physics ( studying about pressure, kinematics dynamics) over electricity. However, i do not have the problem knowledge in both of these fields and therefore i am scared about my decision. ECE for me right now is studying computer engineering for 2 years along with electrical which,IMO is boring. I dont really like sitting in front of a computer all day and write 01010 codes. Im pretty sure that's not what ece is all about, therefore i want someone to like briefly tell me about both types of engineering..

    your co-operation will be appreciated.
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