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Echo "Hello World!";

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    Highly-energetic electron seeking very positive-minded positron with a bright future in mind! I'm done with singularity, and prepared to expand my horizons! Considering I have no true volume, I'm a self-proclaimed genius when judged by density!

    I'm actually kidding (all but the self-proclaimed genius part!) But, no one can dispute I'm obviously some form of genus!

    I'm simply a scientist that has grown tired of all the fields of science I've tried, and while relatively new to physics (pun 'sort of' intended), I think it's where I need to be, right now!...Music-comp and physic are presently my two most profound passions! But, they are FAR, far from my only passions in life, which are TNTC! o0)

    Should you ask ME,:eynman:, regarding my wide-reaching interests, would probably reply: "...Nearly everything is really interesting if you go into it deeply enough." - R.P.F.!

    I hope to find a friendly community of open-minded, science-thinking, passionate individuals here (who can also receive/deliver a joke, now and again! Without getting all tied up in naughts....:woot: :wink: :smile:!

    Have a nice day!
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    Hi indimingo. aerobanner.gif

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