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Eclectric Car

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    My schools Solar/Elect car team is currently in the process of building a new car. www.solartiger.org[/URL] .we are faced with 3 choices, 1st is to build a car from ground up, 2nd is to build a car from an existing frame, and the 3rd is to convert a car.
    I'm supposed to write a propsal, outling each of these ideas, pros cons etc. One thing i havent found was detailed sites, where people have noted time/money put into projects. I want to have a tables showing these aspects, to help lean towards converting a car.
    Any help will be greatly appreciated
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    Can't help you with websites, but I can tell you what my school's (University of Maryland) teams do:

    They convert existing frames, pulling out all of the engines and build the "guts" up from there.

    What is the difference between the second and third option?

    Hopefully someone can weigh in with a little more information for you.
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    The Difference, is that the second, is starting from a bare frame, custom body, and such. Where the 3rd is leave most systems intact, and then the neccacry components.
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