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Homework Help: Economics Math Question

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    This is a economic math question see if you can help me out here.

    I've got 3 variables A,B and C and I shall get the production to be optimal I have there variables

    This is the forumla = Z = 800A+ 550B +400C
    Under these condition it shall work


    With these numbers I shall get a number for each variable that should be the best production way.
    It's called in mathematics, Linear Programming

    http://www-unix.mcs.anl.gov/otc/Guide/faq/linear-programming-faq.html [Broken]

    I have tested many thing please help me if you can
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    First convert the inequalities into equations:

    14A+ 10B+ 8C= 4500
    12A+ 7C = 1000
    12A+ 18B+ 10C= 480

    Those equations define planes that form the boundary of the "feasible area". Solve for values of A, B, C to get the vertices of that area.
    The evaluate Z at each of those vertices. The optimal value will be at one of the vertices.
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