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Economics - Outrageous Admisitrative Barriers to Trade and Australia's Economy

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    Hey guys
    post all the stupid and outrageous barriers to trade excuses that you can find here like this one:
    The Belgian government in retaliation to imports of tuna cans (*i think it was that, if not something with a small packaging) decided to impliment restictions that the text size had to be a certain font and size or larger, however the size they chose was deliberately bigger than would fit on the packaging of the tuna cans :rofl:

    Have you guys also heard about the "two speed economy" of australia? at least two states are growing at over 10% per annum, where as the two most populated states are sliding into negative growth because of the recent interest rate rise. The Reserve Bank of Australia tries to keep inflation to 2-3% but headline inflation has reached just over 4% and concern is mounting... what would you do with the interest rates?
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    I would remind myself that interest rate is the marginal productivity of the last unit of capital employed.
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