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Eddy-current speedometers

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    For my physics practical coursework I investigated how the rate of revolution of the permanent magnet in an eddy-current speedometer affects the turning force induced in the metal cup or plate.

    I got the results I expected, and I am required to prove them using appropriate equations and calulations. Does anyone have any idea of which equations are relevent to this application?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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    What level are you at: high school, introductory college/university, or intermediate college/university? What level of math: algebra only, single-variable calculus, multivariable (vector) calculus?

    Do you have a textbook available to you as part of the course? What sort of material does it have about electromagnetic induction and Lenz's Law?
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    im at sixth form, so just before university. i do a fair bit of calculus, mainly single variable. I know about lenz's law and faraday's law, induction and all that, and that they have some relevence, I just dont see how they can be used for calculations to get numerical answers in this context. Basically, I need to relate revolutions per second to force
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