Eddy currents

  1. hi all. I understand wikipaedias explination of eddy currents but could someone please explain more fundamentaly how they work. Thanks in advance :)
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    The Wikipedia Explanation seems pretty good. What are you not understanding?
  4. could you explain how in brakes they cause energy loss at such a high rate?
  5. and explain it in qed possibly.
  6. The simplest way of thinking about them is to consider that a wheel that is braking is cconfigured as an electrical generator. Then imagine a short circuit across that generator and the eddy currents flow through that short circuit. The braking is then caused by the mechanical load presented by a short circuited generator.

    It does not look like a generator,, because in a normal genera to we want to use the electrical supply externally.
  7. thanks, i misunderstood first time i read the wiki.
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