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Edexcel grade boundaries

  1. May 25, 2005 #1
    does anyone knw the grade boundaries for a/s annd a2 physics i dont think 80% is an A i was told 70ish%
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    When I did that course (2000-2003), I seem to remember the boundaries being something like 75 for an A, 65 for a B, 55 for a C, 45 for a D. However, those are after your marks have been scaled, so don't count on them being right.
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    I've since tried to find out properly, they may all be 5% higher than I initially posted (80% for an A), but these are still after scaling.
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    Isn't it all points now at edexel? I thought that this was how all the AS/A2 exams worked?

    OCR (and others I think) award out of 300 points

    240 for an A
    210 for a B
    180 for a C
    150 for a D
    120 for an E

    The above is for AS, and for A2 level these are doubled.

    However, actual marks are 'scaled' meaning that with a mark of 90% or so, you can get 100%

    Also, at A2 level an A grade goes to those with points totals ranging from 480/600 to 600/600 - Hardly discriminating for top pupils is it, especially so as you can re-sit papers over and over again!
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    yeh but those are the scaled marks...the actually percent vary's from yr to yr i jus wanted to know an average
  7. May 25, 2005 #6
    It depends what Tony Blair wants the pass rate to be........
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