Edges on the curve ways

  1. What are the physics use of edges on the curve roads?

    it is some thing relates to the acceleration like when the car impact them the accleration of the car decreasing that's all what i got
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    I'm sorry, I do not understand the question. Are you referring to the guard rails that are put on the sides of roads? They would apply a force on the car in order to change the car's direction of motion.
  4. i mean why curves in the ways often banked?
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    You are talking about how the road is banked (sloped) such that it is higher on the outside of the curve, right?

    It has to do with the support force (normal force) from the surface of the road.

    If the road is banked, then the normal force (which points perpendicular from the surface) will have a component that points toward the center of the circle (the circle that the curve is part of).
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