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Edisons dc

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    Can anyone describe for me the process that edison originally used to produce DC when he built his original electric companies?
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    There was a commutator on his generator's armature.
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    Your question is peculiar. He didn't use a "process". He generated electricity with a device. His generators were series wound DC generators referred to as "dynamos" at the time. The dynamos were driven by coal-fired steam engines. He manufactured all his dynamos himself and often tinkered with the engineering of them.

    Series wound dynamos are 'self exiting', meaning, there are no external permanent magnets used. Simply turning the rotor causes electricity to be generated from the small residual magnetism in the iron components. This current is fed through the field coils on its way out of the system which increases the strength of the magnetic field which, in turn, increases the strength of the current generated. It levels off for any given speed of rotation, of course.
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    Coal fired steam engines was what I was wondering. Thanks. My class was watching a video on Tesla, and we were just curious.
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    Tesla/Westinghouse differed not only in adopting AC for long distance transmission of power but also in being pioneers of hydroelectric systems.
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