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Edith Piaf

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    I don't know if this great French singer is well known in the US but out here she is a legend. I just wanted to show you this nice duet with her last husband (Theo Sarapo, real last name : Lambokous) who was like twenty years younger than her (the French, you know :rofl:).

    The duet is entitled "a quoi ca sert l'amour" (what is the use of love) and Edith is explaining how love cannot be explained, it just happens, bring joy and even when over, remains a nice memory...In the end she says that he is not to worry, he is the only one, the first and last one and she feels great with him.

    For the romantics out there



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    wow, we have completely different ideas about what constitutes entertainment.
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    Ofcourse we do...but what do you mean exactly ?
    Also, this is recorded 50 years back in time, so today things are not the same anymore. But i like this because it is so authentic.

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    This is her most famous song :


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    That's the video I was expecting when seeing the title of the thread :smile: notice how she sings along when her husband is singing.
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    for me, "authentic" doesn't have anything to do with quality. That type of singing bores me to the point of being irritating. I thought the guy singing sounded nasal and the old lady singing sounded like an old lady singing. I just don't care for it. The only entertainment I gain from it is in the fact that you DO find it entertaining. Seeing the differences in our likes and dislikes and wondering why it is is what I find entertaining.
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    Well same here. Not all authentic stuff is quality stuff.

    Indeed, well, each one of us has a different taste and opinion, so no problem there. For example, i don't get how people can listen to Johnny Cash. Actually, i liked Joaquin Phoenix (you know, the Walk the Line picture)more than the original singer.

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    indeed, that too
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    That's great stuff. :approve:

    Did you see my I hate kids thread marlon? Go watch that girl play mozart, It will blow your mind.

    Hah, that guy singing with her looks a little like me.
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    You look like a giant?

    I did enjoy that, it was in fact very beautiful.
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    Nope not yet but i will sure check it out. You made me curious

    AHA really ? Well, is your French that good as well ?

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    Nono, Edith Piaf was reaalllyyyy small.

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    marlon, are you familiar with Georges Moustaki? He wrote a few songs for Edith Piaf.
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    We just had him here, it's amazing he still performs.
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    She was a fantastic artist.
    I posted a clip of her in the "Best songs ever"-thread performing "La vie en Rose".
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    I mis-read the original post and thought the video was of Edith singing a duet with her "late" husband, would have been interesting.

    Oh well, I'll have to settle for the "My Name is Earl" episode, where Earl's ex-wife, Joy, competes in a mother / daughter pagent, using an urn with her mother's ashes in it (there weren't any rules that stated the mother had to be alive). Joy wins the contest in case you're wondering.
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