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Editing Feature

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    Why aren't we allowed to edit posts anymore (at least I can't)? Is it part of the new upgrade?


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    But I could. Of course my post was after upgrading.
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    That must be my problem then -- I was trying to edit a post that I made before the upgrade.

    Thanks Lisa!

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    I think there's always been a limit on how long you can edit posts for. How old is the one you're trying to edit?
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    Yes, the limit time for editing is 1440 minutes after posting a message.

    But perhaps it's only his problem after upgrading. You know for example when I'm replying to a post, it says "done withan error on page" and then I can't use any features only by clicking on them. I mean I have to type everything like smilies by myself.
    So as Greg said we'd better to clear our browser, and then perhaps the problem will be tackled!
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