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Editing video

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    What technology can I use to upload a video so that I can edit some parts?

    For example, I like watching anime online and will like to edit a scene where I believe the anime studio did a horrible job. The video I want to edit is on Crunchyroll (which is an anime website), how can I (for the lack of a better word) make a copy of the video from there so that I can edit it?
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    There are many video downloaders, which may be browser dependent. I use Ant, a Firefox plugin. Real Times (formerly Realplayer) can also be used. There are many others. Check with Snapfiles or Cnet.
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    In addtion to mathman post, if you are using windows based system you can download for free Movie Maker from Windows, there you can crop scenes, merge other videos and other some cool stuff. The program is a bit limited but I think that comply with your specific problem.
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