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Editing your post?

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    Hi, I created a thread but would now like to edit my post and the title. Can't find the edit option. I recall having done this a while back.

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    The edit button has a time limit on it. After that, the button is not displayed and you can't edit the post.
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    11 or 12 hours I think.
    If the change is relevant, you can report your post and ask the mentors to change it.
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    And keep in mind that some edits to your posts can create confusion in the thread. If you go back and edit your original post (OP) to significantly change it, others who have responded to your OP will be confused. Sometimes, it's just best to quote your OP in a separate reply, and then use strikeouts to delete what you want to eliminate, and make corrections in bold or in some other obvious way.
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    The thread title can only be changed by a mentor. If you wrote something ridiculous, like "Einstien", use the report button to ask them to change it.

    The time limit for edits is 11 hours and 40 minutes (=700 minutes).
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    Thanks for the replies. Duly noted :thumbs:
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