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Education Advice please

  1. Jan 21, 2010 #1

    I am a student in Australia about to enter into the 11th grade (ie the 2nd last year). I too am starting a bachelor of psychology. I have already learnt most of the course and so intend to finnish the course in 1 year through acceleration. But my question resides with another problem.

    My real passion resides with another field, mathematics. Because the university i am at does not have any natural science degrees (ie BSc) i chose Psychology. I am at this university because it is attached to the high school and so they have let me start the degree. As i intend to complete the degree in 1 year i will still have 1 year of high school to complete.

    Now, the question is, if i have a Bachelor of Psychology at the end of the year, would it be possible to just apply to another university (at the end of the year) and instead of finishing high school would I just be able to start at the other university?

    I really appreciate all comments and the time you have dedicated to reading my post!
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