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Education recommendations for learning quantum physics and nuclear physics (14 y/o)

  1. Jun 19, 2017 #1
    As a 14 year old, my access to resources is limited to what I can find on my phone or occasionally in the library. With this consideration, can anyone recommend some good online resource for learning quantum physics and nuclear physics. I already have the background knowledge, I understand classical physics well and can utilize mathematics well into complex analysis and number theory. (If you have recommendations for those too I wouldn't mind) I just need recommendations for learning quantum physics and nuclear physics with only a phone and internet.
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    Impressive that you know Number theory and Complex analysis.:bow:

    I think you can get into university with that level of knowledge.
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    I don't know, to what extent you have knowledge in Classical Mechanics. So I would like to suggest "Goldstein" for Classical Mechanics. Solve each and every problem you can. take help of others if you can't solve the problems on your own. The knowledge of Classical Mechanics comes in handy to understand the counter-intuitive nature of Quantum Mechanics, and still predicting the same results as Classical Mechanics in various cases. After that "R. Shankar" must be good for Quantum Mechanics. Concepts of Angular Momentum is very important in Atomic and Nuclear level Physics, which can be well served by R. Shankar.

    Elementary Particles by "Griffiths" is good for Particle Physics, and "S. M. Wong" for Nuclear Physics. Hopefully, these books will be useful and you can find the PDFs.
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