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Educational vs. Physics Statistics

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    I was curious how much overlap there was between educational statistics used in educational research and physics or scientific statistics used in physics research.

    As a high school physics teacher, I would like to master both. The former for the purposes of student analysis, and the latter so I can give students a good idea of practical physics. But if dominating only one is good enough to swing the other that would be a time saver. I currently possess very little knowledge about statistics and probability and regret the lack of interest of such during my physics BS.

    So, I was curious if anyone well-versed in both could give me some similarities and differences between the two. Things such as distribution functions employed, general nature of approaches and so on. I am assuming there are many differences since universities in the past (and maybe present) would offer stat classes dedicated to each various discipline like ed-stat, psy-stat, etc.

    Or is just looking at statistics as a whole from a pure mathematics perspective really more worthwhile than these individual applied-stat types of treatments?

    Thank you.
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