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Educational Web Sites

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    Another God

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    Thanks to end of session exams, I have been spending a lot of time lately trying to find websites which explain various molecular Biological concepts. This isn't an easy feat. Most educational web sites are aimed at "The average person" and describe basic things at very basic levels. Otherwise, there are a lot of very specialised websites out there which are about things, but at no point do they bother explaining what they are talking about, because they aren't interested in educating their readers, they are just interested in discussing things with people who are already specialists...

    So, here is the chance for everyone to post any good educational websites that you find. If you find a website which has the explicit aim of explaining concepts and ideas, and it does it at all well, then just post a link to it in here, and breifly mention what the topic is, and what level the explanations cater to...

    For example, the best website dedicated to educating people on evolution:

    Talk Origins
    About Evolution, caters for everyone, from no Biological knowledge, to people with a good understanding of evolution already, but just want to know more.
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    Another God

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    Molecular Biology Tutorials

    Tutorials in Molecular Biology
    Molecular Biology, caters to people with a good knowledge of biology and chemistry. Helps if you know some Molecular Biology basics already.

    This site looks really good, and uses flash really well to demonstrate stuff. Unfortunately, if you don't know some key terms, a lot of it might go straight over your head. SO I recomend going to http://biotech.icmb.utexas.edu/ and using the Biotech dictionary there to look up any words you want a quick explanation of.

    Biotech is also another good site which attempts to explain biotech related things on a technical level.
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