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News Educationright or privilege?

  1. Apr 29, 2004 #1
    education..right or privilege??

    Shahil! I decided to POST, pictures that I took yesterday. the reason why it wasnt all over the news on monday was coz I guess they didnt want to taint the presidential inauguration. However they did show something about Wits on etv. i know sasco isnt communist but its just that they were distributing pamphlets that could be considered as communist propaganda yesterday. I am also a member of the ANCYL, imagine that!Anywayz, They will not be having protest marches today coz the wits management has decided to talk to each of the affected students one on one.I think thats just buying time so that we can get on with lectures....
    However i did see posters this morning that said that the SRC has sold out on the excluded students. they see these one on one meetings as destroying the unity so that they can exclude them one by one instead of all at once. Dont know if u get wot I'm saying... ya, 12 students have been arrested for being violent durin the protest, apparently two engineering girls were assualted when they refused to leave the lecture room. this could all be hyped up, but its wot students are saying on campus.

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