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Edward Wittens Ph.D.

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    Does anyone know where i cant get Ed Wittens PhD paper, or what its about?

    Also, do you write your phD while doing Graduate Physics or after your finnished?

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    I understand that continental europe is During, but anglosaxon culture is After. Assuming that "tripos part III" is Graduate Physics and not a Master.

    As for the first papers of Witten, check the SPIRES database.
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    "Some problems in the short distance analysis of gauge theories" (Princeton, 1976)

    If you visit Princeton, you can probably find it in the library (according to its online catalog). If your library has interlibrary loan arrangements, you may be able to request it through that service.

    Some schools (e.g. MIT and Caltech) are making some dissertations available online... but apparently not Princeton at this time.

    You can also order a copy through http://wwwlib.umi.com/dxweb/gateway
    ...for a fee.
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    in the US, during. it is the "final exam" of your grad work.
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