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EE Electives: take everything ? And IEEE paper

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    EE Electives: take everything...? And IEEE papers..

    Information overload. :surprised

    I'm planning my 'senior elective package,' a bunch of electives focused on a certain field. My problem is that it seems to me ALL of them are important. I mean Intro to communication? Or digital electronics? Microprocessor systems? Those are the names of some. They sound pretty basic to me…

    What to do? Now I'm thinking classes like Intro to Operating Systems in my CS minor are wasting my time, and that I should just learn enough coding in CS and get out instead of taking a minor.

    And on a somewhat off-topic tangent, how does a graduate keep 'up-to-date' with the latest stuff? Yeah, I can read the IEEE but wouldn't be best to 'study' it instead (I don’t think I’ll have time, or that IEEE papers come with HW problems hehe..) ? I mean I can't pick up my calculus book and read it like a work of fiction then expect to have mastered it. Is that how it works for science papers... :confused:
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    Are the questions really that stupid... :redface:
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