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EE Humor

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    there is even the flux used in the De Lorean car in the movie Back to the Future
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    It is a WOM circuit. Write Only Memory. Circuits like this are used in bombs and things of this nature. Critical information gathered by the smart bombs guidance system is stored here. Naturally, a WOM is all that is required since after detonation any memory device would be destroyed rendering it useless for data retrieval. So in order to save money, the designers settled on a write only memory.
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    That makes sense, the bomb trigger is rigged to a 666 timer.

    [PLAIN]http://blog.makezine.com/operationalhamsterfier.gif [Broken]
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    I think it was a flux capacitor, to be more specific. :)
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    in case anyone is curious, that resistor net works out to 1.337 sohms. Also, did anyone notice the scale in the top left? :P
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