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EE Lingo

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    Has anyone read a book that they would highly recommend for expanding ones Electrical/Mechanical Engineering vocab/ lingo?
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    Probably a more fruitful direction to take would be to spend some quality time at some of the websites of companies that have good Application Notes, and pick some that look interesting and spend time reading through them and finding more terms that interest you.

    There can be some really interesting and useful concepts in App Notes, and they help you to get some ideas of things that can be done with the ICs and modules and circuit boards that are out there. I'd start with the websites of companies listed below, and browse through their App Notes sections, looking for fun stuff to read and study. The References sections of the App Notes may also point you to books or other sources that have more in-depth info for the subjects that you find the most interesting.

    "Lingo" is more the vocabulary that you use to talk about certain applications or fundamental EE / EM / IC / etc. things, and those things are often addressed in interesting App Notes. Try starting at these websites:

    National Instruments
    ON Semiconductor
    Texas Instruments
    Linear Technology
    Mini Circuits
    Antenna Research
    Magnetic Shield Corporation

    (anybody want to suggest some others?)
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