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EE major, worth it to minor in Biomed?

  1. Jun 9, 2010 #1
    I want to work in the medical industry. Biomedical engineering is a pretty broad, multidisciplinary field, so I'm sure they work in teams including EEs.
    It's really the biomedical engineering type projects that I want to work on, now I'm just trying to decide which role I want to take on in these projects.

    I've heard people criticize BME as being "too broad" and it is still a small field compared to EE. If that were true, it might be better to major in EE and get a minor in BME.

    UCI offers a minor in BME and I got this from the site.

    "Private biomedical industry has indicated a keen interest in engineers that have a more traditional engineering degree (i.e. electrical engineering), but also possess some in-depth knowledge of biomedical systems. Hence, the minor in Biomedical Engineering is designed to provide a student with the introductory skills necessary to perform as an engineer in the biomedical arena."

    I could see myself enjoying either one. I like the idea of solving engineering problems. Learning biology to do that sounds just as fun as circuit analysis and programming. A few job descriptions I read required BMEs to know how to program in C, MATLAB, etc. I imagine there is some degree of overlap between the two.

    I'm not thinking so much about the money, but according to the bls, EE jobs are expected to grow 2% and BME jobs are expected to grow 72%. the average growth is 11%

    If I already know that I want to work in the medical industry as an engineer, would it make more sense to major in BME or go the EE route. And what do you think about the minor in BME?
    Does anyone know why EE isn't growing anymore? i'm guessing outsourcing.
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