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EE options

  1. May 18, 2005 #1

    I'm transfering to UC Berkeley as an EECS (EE & CS) major and I have to decide on an option soon. They are....

    1) Electronics
    2) Communications, Networks, Systems
    3) Computer Systems
    4) Computer Science <--- not an option, only for CSE majors
    5) General

    I'm leaning towards 1 & 2 (in no particular order), they all look interesting and stimulating so I'm having trouble choosing one. Is there anything I should know about career-wise? job prospects?

    better descriptions are given below

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    The broadest option is plain ol' electronics. You'll learn skills which are applicable anywhere, in any industry. You won't, however, learn much about computers, which are also in every industry these days. If you do a computer systems option, you'll likely skip some of the specialized EE courses like fields and power, and take some programming classes instead. A computer engineer is also valuable to just about every industry.

    Communications is the narrowest of the three options you presented -- you'll likely get a job with a communications equipment manufacturer. If you really like communications, go for it -- but it will limit job opportunities (slightly) compared to the other two options.

    Of course, you can always take a few extra classes to round out your knowledge, regardless of the option you choose, and get the best of both (or all three) worlds.

    - Warren
  4. May 19, 2005 #3
    Thanks alot for your help chroot!

    Maybe I'll do option 1 and take some of the communications classes as electives. I've heard that you can make the most money in communications and thats why most of the undergrads end up doing option 2. Do you know if that's true?

    I see in your profile that your an EE grad student in the Bay Area, do you go to Berkeley?
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    Nope, I attend SCU. It may be true that comm EE make the most money, but in my experience, your school training alone will only take you so far -- an EE with one concentration can pick up additional skills very quickly. For example, I actually hold a bachelor's of computer engineering, but I work for a high-speed analog company doing almost entirely EE work. Go figure!

    - Warren
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