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EE or Architecture?

  1. Feb 16, 2013 #1
    HI all

    I have to make a decision by the end of the month.. EE or ARCITECTURE?

    tbh I wanted to be an architect since I was 10. But after "maturing" I guess your'e forced to face reality...

    Everything's fascinating about architecture, I don't draw well though. For example, from roman architects, that made columns thicker near the middle to make it look different, to modern architecture...
    I've always loved geometry, trig and any homework involving rulers or compass' (I can't emphasise how much I like a project i had due that entailed drawing columns, it was so exciting using rulers and a compass and be exact.) the only setbacks are that in the state i currently live I definitely need a masters to take the licensure exams (that'll take till my early 30s after all the exams). Also the starting pay sucks and you need your break to succeed.

    On the other hand I'm also good in physics and interested very much in energy. And the pay is awesome. Nikola Tesla is my biggest role model also!
    (just to let you guys know that im not thinking about only ee for the money)

    Also when I show a friend a work I've done, I get excited when they appreciate how brilliant it is and the amount of knowledge I haVE putten into it. I could care less about the "beautifulness" of a work I do.

    So the real question is, fallow your true passion even though you know you'll finally enjoy yourself way in the future. Or go with your brain decision and earn well..?..
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    You'll be happy to know that almost no one uses physical tools to draw anymore. Rulers and compasses have been replaced by CAD.

    You certainly are facing a stark choice in career fields: EE is a highly technical and demanding choice; architecture, IMO, a lot of attitude, some fancy sketches, but most of the heavy lifting is done by civil and mechanical engineers who must ensure the architect's 'vision' doesn't collapse into a pile of rubble.
  4. Feb 17, 2013 #3
    I would be a bit more nuanced than SteamKing - you can be an architect with a Civil Engineering degree - basically, you would be the creative AND the design forces behind a project. That may take 2 degrees though but you would have a lot of value, i.e. you would provide things that are architecturally sound AND that can be built.

    As an EE, you would go through a hefty quantity of math, that will prepare you for a wide range of careers: I am an EE and I am working in Security Risk Consulting. From my past, I mostly use statistics.

    Have you thought of other types of engineering? Nuclear? Aerospace?

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