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EE or CE or CS

  1. Aug 27, 2015 #1
    I love programming(both high and low) and physics.I would like to design/analyse and program microcontrollers that control UMVs and robots.My most favourite job would be working at a space agency designing and programming the microcontrollers that control space probes and satellites

    PS:The full name of the majors don't fit in the title
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    Greetings jianu81. Welcome to the forum.

    What is it you are asking? You have made a bunch of statements, but have not asked any questions.

    Are you asking what university to go to? What subject to take? Us to guess what subject you are taking? Where to apply for a job?

    What is it you are asking?

    Also, what stage are you at? High school? College? Graduated? Other?
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    Which major to take,just finished highs school
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    Computer engineering would probably be the best choice for embedded systems work. However, you could land a job as an embedded systems engineer with any of those degrees.
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    You'd be fine with EE as well. My school has a big focus on embedded processes in EE. Our computer science students don't really deal with that as much. From my own personal anecdotal experience (which should be taken with several grains of salt), Computer engineering would be the best choice, followed by electrical engineering. Computer science students that I know don't associate much with the hardware side of things, which is just as important.
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    At any given university you should pick the major that allows you to best pursue this interest of yours, and that has professors that you may be able to do projects with. Degrees with any of those three majors would be fine if you can demonstrate the knowledge through coursework and (even better) projects, internships, research, etc. In some universities all of those are actually in the same department (eg. MIT has an EECS department, which my company, like all companies, likes to hire from).

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