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EE projects

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    Hey all, quick question here. I'm doing my first year of ee at college right now, and while some of the classes I'm taking (physics etc) are helping me very much to understand some of the topics, I'm getting extremely eager to practice some circuit design (my first circuit design class won't be 'til almost a year from now!). Could anyone point me in the direction of a good website or other resource that's sort of a catalog of small electrical engineering projects? I'm not looking to master any hard concepts or build a robot that folds underwear or anything, I'd just like to familiarize myself with some of the basics. Anyone know of a good place? I figured if anyone would know of a good online source, the people in a forum for electrical engineering would. :blushing: thanks!
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    First, I'd suggest that you buy a copy of "The Art of Electronics" by Horowitz and Hill. It's the best basic EE book that I've come across. Very practical and an easy read, but also very accurate with lots of good info. If you read it cover-to-cover before your first circuits class, you will be very far ahead of the game.

    Second, Radio Shack or Frys Electronics have pretty good kits, and here's another good source for kits:

    http://www.transeltech.com/kits/kits1.html [Broken]

    Definitely get the book soon, though. You will get a lot more out of experimenting with circuits if you have read the sections of the book that apply first. Have fun! -Mike-
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    wow thanks, that book looks awesome, and the kits too. this is just what I was looking for, thanks alot!
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